Activated by then 18 year old Sumaili, a girls group has formed in an overcrowded refugee camp for civil war refugees to alleviate hopeless poverty, malnutrition and senseless violence against girls in camp. 

They are awesome, since the refugee camp crisis is humanity’s biggest escalating challenge and failure, and this initiative – amplified by YL’s programs around a LearnSpace and global school partnerships – is a replicable model for millions of youth trapped in refugee camp lives in a world with asylum fatigue and escalating economic, ecological and cultural crisis.

They deserve our help since all of us have superpowers to get this unique youth-led success story in refugee camps into the hands of citizens, teachers, students and journalists to bring SDGs and global issues to life and give people the power to do something truly relevant about it for the benefit of millions.

We seek to

help them achieve their goals for permaculture and girl safety + full spectrum youth leadership to boost campaigns, build skills and ways out by forming bonds with global schools, student clubs and citizen groups, to receive guests and build bridges to a full life outside the camp.

Current Priority Milestones

to activate the girls crew, community and solid technology for more global meetings, news production, film editing and dynamic uplifting ambience at the girls club


Team up with friends, school, company to realize elements for their centre with many ripple effects

Inspiration & Ambience

HQ Functionality

Community Action Centre

Creative Learning Fireworks

Their founder Sumaili is also

  • YL Speaker, a witness of today’s refugee crisis with a hopeful powerful, participative, replicable model

The Kakuma Camp Girls Crew is also

  • YL Project Partner for schools and groups
  • YL Program Partner for setting up a YL LearnSpace as a youth-led model for refugee camps all over Earth

As we watch their adventure unfold,

we get unique insights that keep our Hearts soft, compassionate and open to people that were forced to leave their home region due to war, in bad governance by all political institutions on Earth, an opportunity to do something relevant to lower our shame in this regard so that we can look ourselves in the mirror and a vivid story to tell and concrete common sense steps to empower others to take relevant action on this priority matter.




6-Country Meeting with the Red Brigade

6-Country Meeting with the Red Brigade

We have had a first meeting with our lovely partners that initiated this encounter Elizabeth Herald of Watershed Wisdom Councils, USA Angelique Rodriguez of Water Unite LFA La Fondation Aicha members Guinea Community Organizer Karim Uganda Community Organizer John...

First Culture and Dance Performance

First Culture and Dance Performance

Hooray, the crew have done their first group performance and get a feel of normal life of teenagers, of beauty, of song, of team work and group power. Upliftment, inner joy and abundance are fundamental to achieving inner peace and then restore outer peace, joy and...

Gardening Equipment

Gardening Equipment

You cannot work without tools. And when you're a group, you need a bunch of tools so everyone can get active in swing with proper tools, not sticks and fingers. Next up, more mielstones.  

Their Story

Sumaili, the girls and their family members were forced from their homes with extreme violence > war, pillage, rape > and drifted to this encampment designed for 50,000 people, now hosting 200,000 refugees, largely from two of the most cruelly impacted regions on Earth: Congo and South Sudan.

Many get stuck in this setting. Sumaili was 9 years old when he escaped Congo. He is now 21. Can you imagine growing up in a refugee camp on a dry piece of land in a country where no one wants you, where people distrust you, where you have no right tom work, a country not rich like Germany, but with the limited resources typical of Africa, rife with sudden conflict (for example, during election times, Kenya erupts with riots and killings) which means the last people to receive the full benefit of rule of law and opportunities are those swept onto the fringe : refugees.

What’s bad and inhumane in the US, Britain, France and Germany is multiple times worse here.

What do you think are the chances of girls refused even the level of education provided at schools in refugee camps in Africa?

With no way to return to their civil war torn countries of origin, a world closing its borders on refugees and migrants, and government and wealthholders failing in all regards, their future is uncertain.

To understand the gravity of the situation, we must realize that

  • mass rape of girls
  • mass parental ban on girls to receive a school education

means that THE RULE OF LAW is not existent or enforced in camps

  • no moral law
  • no national law of host countries
  • no global law in UN charters

which means that both UNHCHR camp administration and national government fail their duty of stewardship towards these millions of children. This is a scandal that is not even mentioned in refugee crisis reporting, but we also know that it’s not even worth making it a scandal since

  • there is not enough finance
  • there is not enough manpower

to police and incarcerate millions of serial rapists.

Hence, we focus on THE SOLUTION: to empower youth to implement a flurry of solutions with immediate and long-term effects on their local situation and on millions of adults and youth learning of their fierce positive spirit, witful approach and rich support network via media.

At age 18, Sumaili asked his father, making an income as medical doctor temporarily employed to help during the pandemic, to buy him a mobile phone and learn solutions from the internet. Since then, his priority and regular expense has been phone “minutes”.

Since the camp is in a dry region, people hardly feel like making it their long-term home and lack sense of stewardship – but are stuck (Sumaili has been there for 12 years) and we hear of monthly rations of 4 kilos of rice, 4 kilos of flour and 1 litre of oil. Are you ready for a Lifestyle Challenge to live on this for 1 month? They are blissed with this by national government and the global community for 12 months a year.

Hence, their goal number one has been

  • to diversify food supply with fresh vegetables and fruit

accompanied by

  • music video production on permaculture, land care, water and peace
  • dance production

and the WISH to better the situation of GIRLS

  • reduce violence and rape
  • improve access to education
  • improve access to self-development
  • improve access to life in liberty

which is why they respond with such high interest in YL’s stories of teenage hero*ines, in long-term collaborative partnerships with schools for powerful support, in our diverse programs for local use to

  •  make their headquarter awesome
  • animate life at camp
  • grow reach to youth, children and grow their crew
  • grow support among adults
  • reach into schools
  • spark more teams, student clubs, headquarters
  • spread their story to media and schools internationally

all of which strengthen another.

They are defined as MILESTONES below.

Now let’s write those next chapters together.

Wield your powers!


Musician, 17, Congo


Singer, 17, Congo


Dancer, 13, South Sudan


Fashion Designer, 15, Congo


Dancer, 13, Congo


Model, 16, Congo


Footballer, 18, Congo


19, South Sudan


Dancer, 17, Congo


Singer, 16, Congo


Chef, 18, Congo


Football, 19, Congo


Tailor, 18, Congo


Model, 16, Congo


17, Congo


13, Congo


15, Congo


Singer, 19, Congo

This group can easily grow to 500.

Let’s get this rolling!

The world benefits

from a unique youth-led solution to bring peace, joy, abundance, learning, collaborative bridges and open doors to refugee camps with extremely high potential for global replication.

YL benefits

from a unique and rich, youth- and people-powered story to track in YL Magazine

  • to involve many readers
  • to share with NGOs and SDG platforms as a good practice
  • to share with teachers and schools to involve countless students in turning their pain into action and as they heal the world heal their own Hearts
  • a fascinating Tribal Travel destination

Use Your Storytelling Power

Migration, conflict and refugee camps gain a lot of attention from
conscious journalists, educators and the SDG sector.

You have a UNIQUE and powerful story that enables audiences to turn care into action, with immediate simple steps making relevant impact on real lives *and* to initiate bigger steps like school partnerships #bemoreawesome

The Quest

This is a big one. It is multiplex. But is is much easier than others like ending dirty industry. So get doing!

Self-defense trainings for girls

  • against sexual predator attacks
  • against sexual abuse at home
  • via internet from global pro’s
  • in dialog with African peers in diverse settings
  • locally face to face

Awareness & Alliances Campaign

  • to end violence against girls and boys
  • to heal the men
  • to make boys resilient
  • to evolve culture
  • to re-establish the good rule of law

supported from multiple angles by diverse simple milestones below

Youth Leadership Vision and Skills

  • to make youth-led changes
  • to introduce innovation
  • to collaborate with humanity’s finest
  • to harness the power of schools
  • to develop life and professional skills
  • to develop community and team leader skills
  • to find friendly allies all over Earth
  • to boost CV and recognition in camp and country, on the continent, in the world

to help them with the ultimate goal : to get out of there!

full power youth leadership



We aim at 4 levels of milestones.

We raise funds to unlock them one after the other from level 1 to 4. But YOU CAN directly donate / gift in-kind for advanced milestones. In this case, let us know by email. Thank you! 

Each milestones does more than the obvious.

They generate strong positive presence and pull in the community. 

Many items attract and benefit

  • all generations
  • all community members
  • school teachers and students
  • general life skill and education goals

which creates constant visitor flow.

Also, people

  • see hero*ines content
  • appreciate the space
  • respect the crew and girls
  • make diverse contributions
  • generate vibrant photos, interviews

which is exactly what this holistic campaign needs.

Also, it nurtures the crew’s skills as

  • animator
  • educator
  • leader
  • photo- and videographer

so please rock hard – each is easy to win supporters for, to reach and will generate vivid photos in return! ENJOY!

Milestone SET 1


YL LearnSpace Pack

  • posters, manuals, book, workshop …
  • poster sets for mobile exhibits at schools, UN staff
  • additional poster sets, flyers for outreach


Funds for self-made cookies, lemonade, soap

for refreshments etc at meetings


1,000 (re-usable) menstrual pads

OR : more purchased in commercial bulk for a Pad Bank to sell cheap or in exchange for activity tokens

Option to purchase from AfriPads


100+ soap bars

can be used hotel bars

OR materials to create soap themselves (with more beauty)


Milestone SET 2


Office equipment

  • 5x foldable table and chair for mobile use
  • flip chart, board
  • little useful stuff


Used Laptop/s

  • 1 core, 1 backup, 1 for crew
  • 2 ext. hard drives, 4 USB sticks, 2nd adapter, cable

Used is preferable to new to reflect the right priorities in this setting

$100 to 600 €

Used Projector

  • Projector for video-trainings, group video-meets, hero*ine films, music & village cinema

$100 to 600€



  • solar panel
  • battery
  • inverter

$ 500 €


100 used phones

charged with youth leadership stories, films, music to distribute to girl club members to view in their homes, share with siblings

donation drive + shipping : $300€

Milestone SET 3


Permaculture Farming Equipment

  • shovels, gloves etc
  • wheelbarrows
  • tanks, hoses
  • pump, hoses




Beauty Salon

for wellness, skill training, to attract girls, women, earn income

  • Bodry machine
  • Big mirror
  • Towels, Dryer
  • Sink, chairs
  • Oils, Combs
  • Small generator



Teen Tailor Training Station

for camp, local and global sales for skill training, to make a living

  • pedal driven sewing machine and tissues

$200€ per set

5 sets = $1,000€

Arts + Acrobatics Corner

  • crayons, colors, brushes, for arts activities with kids, teens, families + paints for murals
  • sevengardens plant-color set, mortars, dyeing garden
  • Qumara kid science workbooks and sprouting glasses 
  • AND hoops, juggling balls, clubs … to test limits, amaze, attract children, families

4 x $150€ = $600€ 

Milestone SET 4


25 good footballs

for countless hours of play, can go via Ethan’s charityball.org




1,000+ marbles

as gifts, for play and competitions



50 board games

focus on collaborative games

Donation drive (school, friends, colleagues, news article), maybe manual translation

$300€ shipping



200 kg / 400 pds with 200 1 liter zipper bags to gift to kids

Donation drive (school, friends, colleagues, news article) 

$800€ shipping


Self-Defense Training against sexual assault

  • by world-famous Red Brigade Trust, India
  • 12 online video-meets
  • theory and practice

enables to

  • self-train
  • train peers
  • give presentations at schools, in the community

and lays a foundation for follow-up


1,000 good books for a Magical Kids & Youth Library

  • to inspire, dream, learn, find peace
  • to attract children, youth, families
  • to attract schools
  • folders, 1,500 stickers etc for library system
  • + invite authors for tales, traditions, science

1 middle/high school does it in 1 day if each student gifts 1 book

Donation drive + shipping $2,000€

1 Mini Fablab

  • robot builder kits
  • 3D printer
  • raw materials, tools
  • makerfair magazines for inspiration

Donation drive / new + shipping $1,000€

Newsroom & Music studio

for production of positive media for publication in YL media and use in camp campaigns 

1. Mixer 33,000ksh
2. Audio interface 45,000ksh
4. Speakers 80,000ksh
5. Mic 55,000ksh
6. MIDI keyboard 53,000ksh
6. Headphone 4,000ksh
7. Standy 3,000ksh
8. Table 20,000ksh
9. Laptop 40,000ksh
10. Chair 17,000ksh
11. Hard disk 10,000ksh
13. Gutter 8,000ksh.
14. Sounds proof pads 2,000ksh

Donation or new $3,000€


A Solid Building

A Solid Building

Sumaili has won the support of Rex Foundation to fun construction of a building as a home to their Kakuma Girls Crew ... large enough to hos a good bunch of equipment and run several programs. This is big, and who would have been confident about teenagers scoring this...

Tricks to BOOST their mission and #bemoreawesome

Book a Speaker

Book a Speaker

Book a Speaker. YL Speakers are unique. They speak from the Heart, unlike animators or experts rattling down powerpoints pepped with rhetoric to make it less boring and more memorable, because they do not turn their knowledge into action impacting people and planet....

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Articles + Interviews

Articles + Interviews

Articles + Interviews. You have a powerful story to share in your own newsletters social media with powerful multipliers journalists organizations an important global issue with amazing hero*ine protagonists touching anecdotes tangible solutions powerful images ways...

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Pay a Visit

Pay a Visit

Pay a Visit.You have most fascinating travel destinations with multiple purposefor yourself, your group, your community for family travel as volunteer as coach for work visits for 2-way youth exchanges You come not as an alien, but as friend and ally you have likely...

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