Mary can hear flowers talk to her since childhood and has naturally turned to turning tamed land back into mystical nature, which earned her recognition as Top 10 Landscape Designer Of All Time. Britain also knows her as youngest Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal Winner and author of a most special book The Garden Awakening that enables us to do like her.

Mary is awesome, because she calls on us to be Guardians not Gardeners and to gift private and communal land back to the Earth, so that Her ani-mal, plant and mineral children can live in peace and joy once again and gives us tips how to do so.

She deserves our help, because saving life on Earth needs all of us to get busy and she has incre-dible wisdom, knowhow and stories to share.

We seek to

spread Mary’s message and mission to schools and youth so that ARKs for Wildlife appear by the millions + we seek to boost Mary’s financial liberty to pursue her mission, with ARKLAND. 

As we watch her adventure unfold,

we get a unique understanding on Nature and how to regenerate her in our failing societies

Mary is also a

  • YL Speaker

available for schools, events and media interviews.




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Mary's Story

As a child, Mary one day sat in the wild and heard the flowers speak to her. This special skill shows. Today, she is known in entire Britain as youngest Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal Winner and Top 10 Landscape Designer of All Time and author of a magical book, “The Garden Awakening”.

When people ask about her approach, she explains that she looks at the land like a good mother at her children. She does not want to form them all in the same image by her limited ideas, but looks at the talent in each and helps the child grow into its highest self.

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The world benefits from

simple DIY solutions, fit for kids, families, schools and local community activities with a good dose of beauty, lore, fun, magic, mystery and adventure.

YL benefits from

  • a marvellous column for YL Magazine
  • a unique teaching tool for primary, middle and high school
  • a simple but fascinating and multiplex NATURE activity to complement and balance our other projects

Your next favorite Book

Unwilling to remain as she had imagined and sculpted them, the gardens could not help following their true nature. They were not still life paintings. The land had dreams and intentions of its own…

Mary set out to discover what these intentions were, exploring how we might build a relationship with our gardens that encourages the truth of the land to be expressed alongside our own truth and creativity.

Inside The Garden Awakening is the forgotten bible of gardening. Mary divined and collected old ways of working with land from before we lost the connection with the earth beneath our feet. None of this information is new; it is all ancient, forgotten knowledge and wisdom, buried in the roots of our ancient cultures and within the depths of the earth itself.

Mary has spent a lifetime learning how to live gently with the land, weaving the knowledge out of her own stories, experiences and dreams and bringing it into the light in a way that rips away any mystery or separation from the worlds of energy and spirit around us, and the world of the earth beneath us.

The Garden Awakening is a blueprint for a ground-breaking garden, but it is not a solitary space. Instead it aims to be the foundation of a world wide web of ever expanding, living, interconnected ecosystems. Places where people and nature are one and creation and interrelation expands. You will never be able to look at your garden in the same way again…

Mary is a true Fairy

and how many of them are visible and available for our young generation to learn from?
Let’s make the most of this divine gift.


Swift steps to join and boost her mission

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Download the ARK Poster to inspire your local folks

Milestones Achieved

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More Ways to BOOST her mission

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