Rachel is by far the most prominent voice and face for GMO labelling in entire North America, the USA and Canada, where 70% of foods contain GMO ingredients drenched in GMO poisons, and many would like to detect and avoid such products where 1 in 3 children and youth have a severe chronic disease like leaky gut, ADHS or extreme allergies – kids die from eating a peanut. 

Rachel is awesome. We have seen her step into power at age 13, witnessed her live on air as she slayed Dragon O’Leary, stormed every dark fortress to unmask lies and incompetence, from Monsanto shareholder meetings, to Argentina’s mass birth defect impacted GMO soy cultivation region and to the Health Ministry, and fended off smear attacks orchestrated by dirty industry. She is the epitome of Cardinal Virtues of Fortitude, Temperance and Justice. A veritable unicorn. A boss battling valiant knight of our time.

She deserves our support, because she conti-nues her path as a twen – as one of the few lifelong changemakers. She promotes edible hospital parks and landscapes, ecosystem restoration, pollinator sanctuaries – and has entered journalism studies, fully aware that her truthful spirit will leave few options in industry, but only in spheres where people truly care for life, land, love and our people.

We seek to

make her a gift to realize her Dream – which is not to battle Mordor, but to restore and enjoy Paradise!! – to add another nursery and / or sanctuary for the iconic Monarch Butterfly which used to roam from California to Mexico in millions and is down to less than 20,000 due to dirty GMO agriculture poisoning and killing off its primary food source – milkweed.

We’d actually love to see schools along the migration trail create food sanctuaries. Let’s get it started!

Rachel is also

  • YL Speaker

for schools, events and media.

As we watch her adventure unfold,

we get strengthened to stand by our truth – no matter what dominant dirty industry, their PR ghouls, advert-dependent media, government agencies forming their opinion on tweaked industry studies or incompetent citizens elected into political office say … and to shift our attention to next-level GOOD society solutions and implement them without wasting time on hope in outdated 20th Century Dirty Industry institutions and decision-makers.




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Rachel's Story

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The world benefits from

a stellar example

  • of youth understanding world expert knowledge
  • of the power of youth voice in public
  • of dysfunction of government and media to protect our babies, people and lands from poisoning by dirty industry

and robust steps to learning and implementing solutions.

YL benefits from

a great, simple and beautiful model for pollinator projects at school, pollinator gardens, ARKing and ecosystem restoration, wildlife migreation trails … 

  • as teaching tool
  • as international school collaboration program
  • as highly participative youth-driven urban activity
  • … to involve the citizenry, their gardens, parks, public spaces, front lawns of police stationshospitals, round-abouts and roadsides

that generates beautiful moments for everybody involved and YL Magazine.

Rachel is 

a role model in so many ways, with unique experiences in communication …


Swift steps to warm her Heart and help her proceed on her path to do good for people and planet

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Milestones Achieved

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