Siarah crosses Germany on horseback and dares to follow her dreams and go Into the Unknown, courageously dives into nature and encounters with the raw elements and strangers, tastes her insecurities, feelings, limits in what she calls “Archaic Living”.

She is awesome, since she lives every 2nd girl’s dream and shares in adventurous experiences in intimate detail and natural poetic language. She’s been highly conscious in her relations with animals, bare feet and life since childhood, takes learning journeys on holistic living and progressive lifestyle, is very learned on personal development, life cycles, highly eloquent, has many magical and mind-opening stories to share and offers speeches and workshops on diverse topics. 

She deserves our help, because she is an extraordinary role model in learning to being true to oneself and finding one’s path in society – as a concious initiation journey to Adulthood. This is a major topic in today’s society, where youth are NOT given time off, safe spaces and guidance for this transition. She is on the path of a Medicine Woman and we love to watch her walk it.  

We seek to

help her cover basic material needs to walk this journey which inspires so many of us PLUS to create access to schools and young people, so they can learn from her, while creating professional opportunities and income for Siarah.

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Siarah's Story

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Download the 2-page PDF to print, share, involve friends, school, workplace and scale up your suppport

As we watch her adventure unfold,

we get wonderful inspiration for our own lives, insights to Archaic Living, ideas for practical activities and spectacular, dreamlike pictures and stories for our kids. 

Siarah is also

  • YL Speaker
  • Magical Coach

available for schools, groups and summer camps.

The world benefits from

  • A SPLENDID ROLE MODEL for girls and boys to live life to the fullest
  • A GORGEOUS INTERVIEWEE for girl and youth magazines, talkshows, conferences and festivals

Already, many people got blissed by her blog and workshops. Let’s make it many more!


YL benefits from

  • unique images to complement our activism content
  • an unfolding story for YL Magazine and Social Media
  • a unique Speaker, especially at this young age
  • a fantastic Magical Coach for workshops, summer camps and family travel
  • an exciting Action Guide for youth and school students
  • fit for elementary school use, too

with so much more to come!

Siarah is an absolute gem

and we like to help her in these early years of an extraordinary life.


Swift steps to help her ride on and spread her fairy dust

Milestones Achieved

More Ways to BOOST her mission

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