YL Youth Leadership LearnSpaces are places for youth to gather to get inspired, learn solutions, to plan and realize projects that change lives and land like their hero*ine peers.

Do such spaces exist in your city? No? So, how can there ever be an active citizenry that’s better than voters who wait that national government pay someone to fx things? Never. 

LearnSpaces are awesome, since they require only a hero*ines exhibit as frame setting ambience and intention, some self-learning resources and someone to guide newbies and activities, preferably trained as YL Coach with immediate action options and partners all over the world. 

LearnSpace dissemination and activation deserves our help, since this experiment with guaranteed in/tangible positive results needs little resources and they unfold their power as a youth team makes it their outer school HQ uniting fired up youth from the district’s schools and Changemaker Student Clubs.

We seek to

seed LearnSpace Packs to motivated community organizers in spaces  where youth and girls suffer – such as slums, post-conflict regions and refugee campsto give youth a safe space, vision, hope, actions, skill building, healing – with essential tools, lovely coaches, connected with world class experts, donors and schools – for dialog and project partnerships = with the youth crew as witness, expert and partner for global schools to bring global issues to life, fix them, build bonds for vists and lives beyond poverty = as a model to replicate to many crisis regions globally.

As see LearnSpace activities unfold 

we see how all of us can set up this temporary or permanent add-on

  • at intersections with the public like public libraries and community centres
  • also orphanages, youth centres, schools … 

and how they benefit to connect with city, schools and media, attract people, inspire their crew, start new activities, run an exciting program for the public, be socially relevant, generate news, gain appreciation and funds.




LearnSpace Host Kenya

LearnSpace Host Kenya

We need a LearnSpace Host in Eastern Africa and what can be better than Kenya, and in the most unusual and spectacular spot - the world's biggest refugee camp - ouch, with so much need for positive input and networking, with so much global interest from conscious...

LearnSpace Host South Africa

LearnSpace Host South Africa

LearnSpace Host South Africa A region that has all the problems and potentials of South Africa to the max and a lovely YL Magical Coach who loves his people and has years of experience as traditiona dance coach, theater coach, is loved by youth, trusted by town...

LearnSpace Host India

LearnSpace Host India

Wow, we have LearnSpace Hosts in India ... and they happen to be the most dynamic for CHILDREN and for YOUTH, with solid networks, access to schools, recognition by authorities, plenty of allies ... and we have 6 years of trust together that we can build on. They are...

The LearnSpace Story

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LearnSpaces also get

  • Coaching and support
  • Certification as Inter/National Youth Leadership Learning Centre
  • a YL LearnPlanet Map marker to find and get found
  • tips to connect with city, media, partners
  • ideo meetings with other LearnSpaces
  • their story told in YL social media and Magazine

and get promoted as

  • Project Partners for global schools
  • Coaches for people that start LearnSpaces


The world benefits from

a simple, flexible, modular model 

  • to show, kick off, anchor and cultivate Youth Leadership in town
  • as foundation for an Able Active Caring Citizenry
  • to enable youth in places failed and forsaken by all institutions, governments and adult generations, such as REFUGEE CAMPS

that equips mayors and councillors seeking to act on

  • loss of peace, prosperity, perspective and rise of violence against public servants
  • attacks on libertarian democracy at local and national government level

YL benefits from

  • a powerful way to respond to demand from crisis regions
  • a powerpack to equip Project Partners
  • exciting stories for YL Magazine that are extremely relevant, and empowering for audiences living in normal towns

    LearnSpaces are important

    because we urgently need inspirational spaces for people to get together with purpuse, fun and felt impact that are open to surprise, contribution, co-creativity, that evolve, generate stories and track progress

    … cheap, easy and quick to set up and evolve according to local potentials and pace … with unlimited input from local and global partners and opportunities to scale up, diversify and grow bigger


    Pop up a LearnSpace – easy as flicking a magic wand – as a gift to the world



    $500€ YL LearnSpace Pack $500€ YL LearnSpace Pack will serve to establish young herto*ines flair, role models and action opportunities as a space to vpromote via media to citizenry and schools, to visit, to hold workshops, to do activities in the pack and more. It is...

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    Milestones Achieved

    YL LearnSpace Contents complete and boxed

    YL LearnSpace Contents complete and boxed

    YL LearnSpace Contents complete and boxed This was a big effort, since we only want to provide truly complete and empowering tools for self-organization and plenty of imagination and positive surprise. The 1,000 piece crash course 50 piece poster set on young...

    More Ways to BOOST his mission

    Book a Speaker

    Book a Speaker

    Book a Speaker. YL Speakers are unique. They speak from the Heart, unlike animators or experts rattling down powerpoints pepped with rhetoric to make it less boring and more memorable, because they do not turn their knowledge into action impacting people and planet....

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    Articles + Interviews

    Articles + Interviews

    Articles + Interviews. You have a powerful story to share in your own newsletters social media with powerful multipliers journalists organizations an important global issue with amazing hero*ine protagonists touching anecdotes tangible solutions powerful images ways...

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    Pay a Visit

    Pay a Visit

    Pay a Visit.You have most fascinating travel destinations with multiple purposefor yourself, your group, your community for family travel as volunteer as coach for work visits for 2-way youth exchanges You come not as an alien, but as friend and ally you have likely...

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