Scientists, global civil society and IUCN affirm that 20% of Amazonia has been cut down and that if another 1 or 2% die off, the entire ecosystem will collapse, switching off the planetary water cycle’s pump and heart with apocalyptic consequences for everybody on Earth.


… but we CAN WIN because millions of indigenous people have by now formed trust with good-hearted urban citizens to

  • in late 2021 delay and probably kill proposed laws that would have taken away all land rights
  • to next enable indigenous powered ecosystem restoration of degraded, mined, polluted, burned and abandoned forest terrain + surrounding regions all the way up into the Andes and to the oceans

and 500 MILLION global citizens, youth movements and school teachers would love to help


JOIN US IN FORMING THE COMMUNICATION LINKS reaching into global schools, SDG communities and more.


A new top notch network of indigenous people, ecosystem restoration experts, educators, communicators and funders spanning South and North America has formed to support numerous indigenous communities rocking #fulltimeforfuture to save their lands, lives, futures and cultures. 

The solutions exist, but funding is needed and it won’t come from governments’ tax money. It comes from people that love to help with donations raised through FUNdraising, seeing impact unfold and being part of the great adventure of our era. 

YOUTH-LEADER is choosen to involve global schools, youth and their adult allies as part of the global viral campaign.

Step #1 is a world-premiere Action Magazine


1 South America’s doers – indigenous tribes  active citizens, schools, model solutions in good governance, community organizing, media etc.

2. The world’s finest in youth leadership, student club, school programs, community organizing, citizen action to empower South American and global youth and adults to unfold their superpowers

as a vivid multi-faceted entry door

to a trove of solutions, tools and partners for youth, citizens and professionals to take rapid action to

  • crowdfund outstanding projects
  • form school partnerships
  • team up to reach milestones
  • nurture community empowerment centres and youth leadership in Amazonia
  • spread their inspiring stories to schools of South America
  • to nurture future active citizenship and good governance

with a poster set for exhibits for long-term rpesence at schools, community centres, even in lightboxes in public spaces and more


This easily makes the world’s top quality FREE resource on Amazonia for use at schools and by SDG practitioners

  • to go on newsletters and platforms of education, sustainability,  SDG practitioners
  • to equip NGOs members to activate local schools
  • to serve content to youth, girl, nature and social business magazines


in the high quality network. We just need to put it together with a lot of love – and TIME for our editors.


With our expertise, partner network and volunteer community, we can realize a magazine of 120+ pages online + digital + print on demand with poster set for exhibits + teaching tools + youtube show + social media + speakers + design to

  1. go on newsletters and platforms of education, sustainability,  SDG practitioners
  2. equip NGOs members to activate local schools
  3. serve content to youth, girl, nature and social business magazines
  • in 3 months for $3,000€
  • That’s just $1,000 per month = just 100 people x $10€ or = 10 people x $100€

Become a co-producer … and get honored for your wise priorities, generosity and awesomeness with A THUMBS UP SELFIE ON THE ISSUE’S CO-PRODUCERS PAGE as demo and role model of citizen power! 🙂 Pure epic! Yay!


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It’s awesome, because this group already unites a large group of Einsteins and Gandhis in ecosystem restoration, high indigenous leaders, high impact programs, designers, community organizers, trainers, educators, schools, communities, foundations, economic thinkers, high level corporate experience – of “no compromise” quality benchmarks.

Two content blocks

1. stories on South America’s finest changemakers (view above)
2. stories on the world’s outstanding youth leaders, schools, student clubs, community organizers and charity champs

  • each with action guides, speaker and partner contacts

show Amazonians, South Americans, global youth and citizens to be part of the quest + how others act, how they can do like them + how to team up for action + how to embed it at schools

making this the world’s first and best resource

  • on Amazonia’s urgent protection ~ for the global water cycle
  • for small- and large-scale ecosystem restoration
  • for use in education
  • to Live SDGs in Action

for global communities in 10,000s of schools, the SDG practitioners community and civil society committed to protection of Amazonia, indigenous people, water …  that will receive FREE DIGITAL COPIES to share with their millions of members and relations + PAPER COPIES on demand.

It deserves our collective effort, because it is the only medium

  • bringing this urgent issue to the global public’s attention
  • with opportunities for immediate relevant action
  • with a sense of fun, solutions, positive vision and adventure
  • fit for use in education, with SDGs, UN Days, in the family
  • fit for use by citizens, companies and journalists

We seek to

create this Special Issue Magazine in mid 2022, so that it can generate public awareness for Amazonia Restoration and reach to schools, youth and civil society before the funding period for restoration programs begins in early 2023 and open a 2nd sphere of allies (schools, citizens…) that crowdfund + video-meet + communicate + collaborate + bond + visit with many good surprises growing from this to complement the 1st sphere of major foundations, state programs and corporate support. 

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