Whether you donate 10 or 100 or 1,000 Dollars or Euros … what if you could generate 10 or 100x more impact? Wouldn’t that be awesome? After all it means

  • a real big lot more lives changed, and milestones reached, it makes waves for the receiving community, lifts hearts in your own community, spectacular stories in our stream, and makes momentum for our entire community
  • and among the people you mobilized to contribute to reaching that milestone! What a wow experience of their collective power – making them feel WHAT FUN! WHAT NEXT?! #bemoreawesome
  • activated by 1 single person. YOU. And inspired by this example many others will set the same spark using a few magical matches inspired by tools and tricks used by teenage charity champs in our IMPACT STORIES.


First, learn about the power of YOUTH and of SCHOOLS. This tells you of the POWER OF ONE – YOUR POWER – when you activate schools, youth and citizens by giving them opportunity to do good with swift simple steps for real people with cascading impacts and a big smile.

Next, get a cup of tea, study and understand these. They are common sense and have always been there, but people have been blind to them.

All this works in your region, so become aware and wield them!

Next, learn why UN Theme Days like Water, Women, Wildlife and *many others* are powerful OCCASIONS to involve allies in your community.

Finally, have a look at these. They’re common sense, you’ve heard of such before. They require a bit of foundation, crew and community, and BOOOMM! We like you to know of them now so you know you – and inspired people – can always go bigger.