School Fests

are perfect for FUNdraisers and Philanthro-Parties

especially when you have a youth team / student club that can prepare for them.

BEST THING IS : You need not create the FEST. All its basics ARE ALREADY DONE. You only add the magic items you love. Also, you need not worry about adverts and audience. The audience is guaranteed, it is forced to attend, and especially your unusual surprise add-ons will be best appreciated.

Let’s look at it in detail.

School Fests

  • are common standard
  • appreciated by school boards
  • to cultivate community
  • to engage students
  • to engage parents
  • and here to stay

To us, they are a 


That’s y/our crowd.

These potentials are untapped

  • many students find them boring
  • popcorn and pancake sales don’t really motivate anyone

In our hyper-exciting society … what are we to enjoy at a fest that we didn’t decide to throw and where we have little trust in most people?

Standard fests lack 

  • purpose
  • excitement
  • action

These add-ons are well appreciated

involvement of students and parents and teachers

  • FUNdraiser stands
  • Philanthro-Party activities, water games, can carnival etc
  • SDG School Fest
  • creative activities, cardmaking for hospitalized kids
  • presentations
  • hero*ines exhibit and films
  • Change Generation Music performances
  • display of club projects
  • action calls inviting people for Project Partnerships

Good teachers really like the idea that their students work towards something that benefits the entire school community.

SDG School Fests

SDGs: UNITED NATIONS Sustainable Development Goals. 17 Goals from ending hunger to ending violence against girls are en vogue and in many places get much support from municipality, education and media.

They are mostly taught in suboptimal form, only with data XY poverty here and there, without tangible solutions, people power, youth power and action opportunities with RELEVANT IMPACT.

All of that people find here! We even have the Global SDG School Challenge that challenges schools to take efforts living up to the scale of the crisis and take action with tangible impact on all 17 SDGs with students’ choice from 200+ missions of their hero*ine peers, plus additional and avanced missions to gain Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies, badges for students and more.

THIS of course can be a frame for an adventure kicked off BY an SDG Town Fest.

You can also do this with an entire town and use Town Fests.

You can mention the option of SDG School & Town Fests

  • to teachers and councillors in your first or early encounters
  • to youth and parents

With a little experience, you’ll know your many

  • action opportunities, causes and hero*ines
  • tools, exhibits, videos, music
  • creative activities

to put together a multi-faceted fest, co-created by many students, also as focus teams.

BEST THING IS : You need not create the FEST. All its basics ARE ALREADY DONE. You add the magic add-ons.

We will create a flyer for it.

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