bring global issues to life with hero*ine solution stories

meet hero*ines and YL Staff LIVE and spark follow-up

100s of student and club powered activities

involve the school community, epic school fests

long-term project partnerships and youth exchanges

A message to BOOSTers

Picture taken at a UNESCO event as member of Germany’s National Round Table for the Implementation of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-14 … I know what I am talking about. – Eric, YL Captain

Trust me when I speak of schools. And of you and schools.

Dear BOOSTER youth and citizens, you may feel insecure about working with schools, based on your own suboptimal experiences with schools. 

Let me assure you – much has changed – and you are equipped to make school more awesome, now. Trust our approach. It’s easy, cannot cause trouble for you and it cannot fail. Let me explain. 

THE KEY. At every school exist teachers with a lovely Heart like yours who’d love to see their students rock like today’s teen hero*ines and form Gryffindore student clubs. Usually the green one, the social one and the wild one, often a sports teacher. You may immediately remember these teachers at your school/s and that they were respected or even “everybody’s favorite teachers”.

This tells you that it’s people who tick like us. And that they’d like to see better learning culture in classrooms and beyond. This means you have a gift for them, that’s highly successful at thousands of North American schools and needed everywhere. For real! You don’t approach them as a no clue outsider, not as a rebel protestor, but as an ally that knows what matters, even as an angel

With this calm confidence approach “schools” aware that schools are PEOPLE – young people and grown-ups – students, teachers and parents – some idiot, many that wish school to be more awesome and some lovely like you. We approach the wishers and lovely ones.

We look to find those and inform them on our free hero*ine role model solution stories and our Boost Club flyer with project partners, exhibits, speakers. That’s all. That’s something they are highly likely to receive, look at, appreciate.

Then, if you like to go face 2 face, you can offer presentations, poster exhibits etc. Interested teachers and students will find this in our materials.

Simple. It may only take minutes.

It is likely, that you and your close and extended circle of friends and relations KNOWS 

  • a good-willing teacher
  • kind-hearted, fired up students
  • caring parents

each of which can be THE ONE introducing this to their school

  • to the one, two or three teachers that they already know
  • to their peers and class

Hence, don’t just think about contacting a school secretariat or a teacher. You can

  • seed this information much further
  • without need to be “pro” or formal
  • and outsource the mission to others who already have such connections to teachers or who actually are in schools, like kids and their parents.

Further, here is another potential big ally: 

Town Councillors  in charge of EDUCATION and of YOUTH

Good ones do exist. They dearly wish for more and better “youth change the world stuff” at schools and in public. You are an angel and ace partner to them.

THEY know the local education landscape, local principals, teachers, organizations, funders … because that’s the crowd they hang out with as part of their profession 🙂 … They can

  • direct you to good folks and initiatives
  • launch programs to disseminate information, presentations, poster exhibits
  • unlock funds
  • appear at your FUNdraising events to express their support + take photos
  • seed them in news media. 

You’ve already seen photos and news reports of mayors and town councillors meeting with girl scouts, citizen volunteer groups etc. It’s mainstream. 

That’s how successful teen charity champs work. Good councillors love them as role models, mentors and coaches for youth and the citizenry and boost them. You are a role model, mentor and coach, too, even as a newbie!  

If the Councillors currently in office suck, check out the other political parties … and find their member in charge of YOUTH and EDUCATION. Also parties that do not rule have considerable reach and leverage to stakeholders.

Simply use our flyers, letters, or ask us for help to optimize them for your local setting.



Why Schools are our #1 Priority

Schools are our entire young generation’s daily hangout

  • for their 10+ forming years

and these youth have veritable superpowers that adults don’t have: 

  • daily access to 100s of peers
  • genuine passion, sense of silly
  • free infrastructure
  • free support
  • good public status
  • win-win benefits; makes school days awesome, collaborate with teachers, score respect and good grades, shape learning culture and excursions, learn ace skills, epic CVs, true friends, life of adventure
  • TIME!
  • no worries about making a living, partnerships, raising kids, political ideologies etc … which keep adults from being awesome

Also, school’s purpose actually is to enable Able Active Caring Citizens of libertarian, peaceful, sustainable societies, view your state’s Law of Education §1

and we help achieve this purpose. Íf an entire generation grows up with high impact youth leadership, they’ll be an awesome adult generation. Once they graduate they will never again have the TIME, COMMUNITY AND STATUS to develop changemaker skills at this depth and scope. The Future is sown at school!

Now, let’s look at potentials of BOOSTING that you want to unfold:  


  • 100s of kind-hearted youth open and willing to learn how to create a good world, life and future
  • 1+ per class willing to join a Changemaker Student Club make 20 to 100 at a school, an Army equipped with 100s of humanity’s finest actions, tools, methology and partners
  • At least 3 teachers wish to enrich learning culture with purpose and student-centred projects; the green one, the social one, the wild one (often a sports teacher) would love to have a Gryffindore Student Club at their school; their Heart will rejoice every day; you can make them this gift!
  • 100s of parents, proud when they see their kids rock stuff, and yearning that their kids get a chance for a GOOD FUTURE in this time that enormous stormclouds of fear, violence and poverty darken the sky over their generation; and many are willing to help in-kind with resources and relations for REALLY GOOD STUFF

Each is a MUST-DO reason to connect with schools to achieve Y/OUR aspirations for hero*ines and local youth. We make it easy for you to connect with Caring Teachers and Principals and work together.

  • Easy. You give them flyers and links on our offer
  • Optional. You give a presentation in class, involve fired up students in BOOSTING their favorite hero*ines
  • Advanced. You become their best friend as certified YL Coach, follow up with video-meets, forming Changemaker Student Clubs, setting up LearnSpaces, team up for projects, connect them with allies and more.

We have 30 years of experience in good learning culture, have status with UNESCO, scored major global education awards, worked with partners on 6 continents through the 10 years of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development ESD, are Competence Partner of RCE-Ruhr, Regional Centre of Expertise for ESD and SDGs, United Nations University and more.

You need zero experience in teaching or formal learning.

We do informal and non-formal learning like people passionate about birds, music, clowning or meditation – who give passionate presentations with practical real world examples like sports clubs and music schools are sports and music teachers’ outer school partners where fired up students can gather, evolve their skills, team up and perform for the upliftment of society.

Why have you come to this planet at this special time?

Welcome to the grand quest of our era. Welcome to your greatest adventure!

Embrace your Mission. # bemoreawesome and let us hear of your breakthroughs, breakdowns and epic wins! WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

The idea of education is not to turn us into your kind of adults. But into better adults than you have been

Adora Svitak, 13

If my generation is to face the great challenges we are about to inherit, service needs to be a bigger part of our education.

Madi, 10

We need YOUTH-LEADER at all of Canada’s schools

Emma, 15


Do you wish to nurture positive worldview of the future, and of youth? Do you wish for your students to unfold skills to create that future – NOW?

Do you wish to bring global issues to life with world class role models and activities – like you do in music class with Mozart and the Beatles? 

Would you love to see Gryffindore student clubs doing projects that change lives and land, to team up with to achieve your goals as a GOOD teacher?

BOOST CLUB activities offer all of this and enable rich follow-up.


Do you priorize that LIFE and the WORLD #bemoreawesome?

Do you wish that school be awesome and a safe place for you to live your truth, your convictions, to feel good, with friendship, interesting, intriguing challenges of your choice and learning killer skills of real-live value? And respected by peers, teachers and parents?

BOOST CLUB activities are a perfect starter to experience this new “sport'” … and then follow up choosing one’s favorite … like we all do at sports, the Olympics or music festivals, while respecting all other athletes and teaming up on occasion.

Parents + Partners

Do you wish your kid to grow up happy, fascinated, disocvering a great world, great people, unfold their nature, talents and passion aligned with their Heart and what the world needs?

Do you see teamwork for creating peaceful, abundant community, restoring nature, collaboration across sectors, with mayors, journalists and entrepreneurs, innovation as power skills to make a living AND lead a good, rich life?

Partners – would you love that schools be hubs of creativity, innovation and unity where this luminous young generation grows up whole, happy and leanring with today’s Einsteins and Gandhis – making positive changes in town and land, also with adult allies like you?

BOOST CLUB activities do all that and open up 100s of high impact opportunities with our global ecosystem of worldclass coaches and partners – including epic family holiday travel!

Our Highlights

(more options below)

Teaching Tools

Stories come with action guides, you can meet hero*ines, take action for their initiatives, replicate them in your local community, your report stories goes into YL Magazine, students can create Local Issues …

Project Partners

You can meet changemakers to learn 1st hand on global issues and how to tackle them. their high impact initiatives change 1,000s of lives and with simple steps you can help reach next milestones and shape the future of entire regions. You can bring in own ideas, act locally, help in-kind, even pay visits.

Coaches & Co-Learner Community

You are not empty-handed, and you are not alone. We want you to succeed, consider you part of the family, because you care, you take action, you dream and help others realize their dreams. You meet world experts, epic coaches, as well as fellow educators, students, newbies. We team up for youth exchange, funding applications etc.

Obviously an enrichment to your teaching and life at school.

We’ll look at this in more detail below. Get a cup of tea.

Getting Started

1. Simply explore our HERO*INES profiles and Milestones
to find much of what you wish for your life at school. 

2. Check out tool sets for Local Boosting in the Store, especially the Story Set and Poster Exhibit to create long-term presence in class and at school so that students can explore at their own time, immerse themselves in hero*ine spirit and let new worldview of Youth We Can sink in.  Posters also create spaces of uplifting flair, ambience and intention, where to meet, focus, dream, together, add one’s own creations and progress. View the advanced tool pack for setting up LearnSpaces to harness and nurture these potentials to the max. 

2. Video-Meets, the Magazine and more bring your experience TO LIFE!
Read more in the Advanced Magic section. These add-ons guarantee a top notch learning experience that can be short- and long-term, also self-organized by inspired students, is highly memorable and sparks follow-up activities.

Find recommended activities for school context on campus and beyond
in Tools, Tips and Magic Tricks sections. These activities are common sense, but many do not harness them.

Youth-led action with high impact for people and planet is an excellent opportunity for using them AND generates exciting planning, preparation, implementation especially for school students and their reach to benevolent supporters which includes peers, teachers, parents, journalists, organizations and councillors. They love youth doing good for people and planet. This is your chance for your STUDENTS to do HERO STUFF and get them involved – giving your students the rare and important experience of being in the driver’s seat, doing something relevant for society, gaining respect, teaming up with adults in influential positions, conquering media, public spaces, stages, making real impacts sending ripple effects through the community, and opening doors to countless opportunities for years to come … leading rich, empowered lives of adventure – precisely like their teenage hero*ine peers – and with them, in our Tribe!

BOOST CLUB activities

  1. to support global hero*ines and make tangible impact on lives and land
  2. to spark local youth leadership

are perfect simple straightforward STARTERS.

After that, inspired youth and adults have a very rich set of tools, tricks, partners and programs to discover with YOUTH-LEADER. 

With YOUTH-LEADER, your students can grow up learning with today’s Einsteins and Gandhis, take part in replicating their solutions and unfold their innate skills of the emerging next-level GOOD society where citizens upgrade from voters to Able Active Caring Citizens implementing humanity’s finest solutions for peace, joy and abundance for all in their local town and region.

Together, we can realize The Purpose Of Schooling, formulated in your Education Law’s §1.

I have nil teaching experience but trusting in your guidance, I gave presentations in 3 classes age 12 to 14, some with, some without knowledge of global issues. All classes enjoyed the session. Me, too. Teachers said “this is what school always should be like” and students want me to return to learn how to take action.


I used your stories in my English lesson. It’s been one of the most energized lessons in my teaching career. Even the most quiet students had something to say. Students are inspired and wish to get involved.

Korea, Poland, India

I led a 10 week school project in design thinking. The group was horribly lame until I used your posters in week 9. From now students were on fire and prepared an interactive exhibit for the school action day. I just received this message:

“All students and teachers agree, the exhibit was the best of the Action Day.”

The principal has decided to run youth leadership courses in all 8th grade classes.

Below is a list of proposed activities.

You know most of them from your own time at school. They are usually the best loved, exciting, creative, motivating and rich learning experiences. Now imagine using them on themes around global issues, environment, sustainability, youth, citizenship and focus on YOUTH LEADERSHIP 

  • amazing hero*ines
  • mind dazzling solutions
  • can-do feeling
  • their authentic music and videos
  • immediate action opportunities
  • rapid feedback on your impact
  • opportunity to bring in own simple and crazy ideas

and YL staff always saying “ok, let’s do this!”

It can not not be good. It’s likely that it’ll be among the “top lessons or even best weeks of my life”.

GETTING STARTED: Get your FREE Story Set, pick favorite Hero*ines, start BOOSTING and then wield Magic Tricks for greater rich, impact and FUN! Then you’ll naturally start  to involve Speakers etc

Role Models & Solution Stories

bring global issues to life and boost students’ inner motivation to self-organize activities. Teachers, students, parents and adult volunteers can introduce them … as stories mixed into subject teaching … as presentations … as poster exhibits … on occasions like United Nations Theme Days …

Start with the FREE Story Set of 24 stories, 96 actions, videos and music and tips for use in class.

Swift Actions
with relevant Results

Most of our stories come with Action Guides with 4 immediate opportunities to make relevant changes, easy or advanced.

Our Story Set’s 24 stories propose 96 diverse actions – with favorite causes and activities for everybody, equipping you/th for year-round fireworks of action. Then, there’s 100s more. 

Our popular Quickstart Actions swiftly get people involved, make great impact and generate vivid photos to share with YL, social and news media … leading to follow-up.

Your BOOST CLUB Hero*ine Posters are part of that.


Book hero*ine speakers or help them reach a milestone and score a video-meeting

  • as a highlight
  • for inspiration
  • for training

and to spark follow-up action, self-organized by students in school setting and beyond

Project Partners

for long-term collaboration to support their high impact initiatives are excellent multi-year programs for schools and student clubs to

  • bring in own creative ideas
  • see success unfold
  • experience agency
  • shape the future of entire regions
  • pay visits

Some of our Boost Club Hero*ines are available as long-term Project Partners.

Fired up youth may form a

Changemaker Student Club

If 1 or 2 students per class join, it’s 20 to 100 at ordinary schools, a veritable army equipped with tools, methods and partners to self-organize 400+ actions, with daily access to 100s of peers for 10+ years presence in media and public space.

Youth Leadership en masse is a game changer for society.

Chloe Maxmin

Chloe is a serial record setting youth leader, co-founder of Divest Harvard, first Democrate to get elected in her district in US history, youngest Maine Senator co-sponsoring the world’s first Green New Deal, adapted for rural working class people of Maine. Her book on restoring vew good governance for rural America rocketed to #1 in pre-orders.

Everybody’s Dream

  • Young Hero*ines in town
  • a common sight in public spaces
  • a common sight in news media
  • High Impact Student Clubs at every school
  • Mentoring younger peers all the way down to kindergarten
  • Collaborating with Adult Allies from mayors to entrepreneurs, media makers to museum curators, workers to star athletes and celebrities, parents to 1,000s of citizens  

AND THE FUTURE WILL BE FINE. Without it – not so much.

It is a premiere in human history and already a masse phenomenon in North America; starting in California as always. Now catch up and make it a new sport taking streets by storm like basketball, gaming, skate- and snowboarding, hip hop and electronic music have.

So – make the first sessions awesome, show how much you care and give students clear idea of their new opportunities with you and YOUTH-LEADER. WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

Local Activities

can get amplified and diversified by certified 


non-/formally trained in Youth Leadership 101 and YOUTH-LEADER programs and member of the global YL Coaches Community with access to YL Master Coaches our many partners.

School Ground Action

Planting permaculture and dyeing gardens and a (especially) Community Fruit Tree Seedling Nursery of 200 to 1,000 pieces to gift to community members, plant along sidewalks, in parks, public spaces, along waterfronts, lakes, country roads, hiking trails and historic buildings … 

are great starters with tangible effect, beauty, easy to combine with subjects, appointing students as stewards and with rapid results and rewards, plus countless lively photos of happy people to get shared, generating immediate appreciation of youth-led projects and collaboration with diverse partners, the City, Key Professionals, entrepreneurs, other schools, kindergartens, seniors

Crash Courses

Give students a flying start with the #BeMoreAwesome Crash Course with 5 Phases building up on another.

Phase 1 is a must for everybody, Phase 2 a logical follow-up, the others are bonus for students fired up to make changemaking their (club) sport. They will share their knowhow with peers.

Action Days & Project Weeks

YL Coaches and course trained student leaders know 50 teen hero*ines with 200 missions with favorites for everybody and 100s more in other YL programs.

It is easy to create multifaceted activity- and impact oriented action days and weeks.


Missions include nature-oriented actions modeled on hero*ines’ initiatives, such as 

  • day- and overnight hikes
  • with vivid documentation
  • with historic, nature and tales themes
  • visiting learnspaces and learnscapes, magical coaches and more


Magical Coaches

  • teach skills that make life more awesome

but not every vegan chef, bee-keeper, permaculture farmer, kayaker or horserider is a good educator or loves youth and is loved by youth – but MAGICAL Coaches do. They are  

  • the “everybody’s favorite teacher” type of person

who always longed that youth learn their magical skill, worldview and world”feel”, and they are available in mornings, evenings, on week-ends and holidays – when youth leadership action happens.

Global SDG School Challenge

SDGs are en vogue and we ask to get serious and

  • live SDGs in Action
  • with relevant impact
  • with scope living up to the dimension of global crisis

and that is to take action with impact on all 17 SDGs based on students’ choice from 200 missions pioneered by their hero*ine peers, with additional challenges to win Bronze, Silver, Gold trophies, which makes a perfect multi-annual soft and holistic curriculum that

  • involves the whole school and greater community
  • introduces student-centered edu-action
  • boosts student club recognition

and will make beautiful waves.

West-East European School Project Partnership

To protect and create the Europe we love, we facilitate Pan-European collaboration like we did during the Cold War era for peace dialog … but now for SDGs, protecting cultural and natural heritage, restore wildlife migration trails, small social business, youth-led tourism, also for disconnected rural regions.

  • West – Eastern Europe
  • NEW: Focus on Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
    and Balkan States
  • NEW: Peace Welcome Clubs in Europe / Germany – Ukraine


You see, you have plenty of options.

Quick one-timers.

Student-organized action.

Multi-year programs.

You need not do it all. But you shall be the one to seed the stories and flyers.

From then on, it is up to YOUTH to decide what life and future they want and organize follow-up. It’s Youth Leadership, after all. You do your part. GO!

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