are a mega headquarter and training sphere for youth-led action. We provide many tools, partners and coaching to nurture it. It’s simple, enriches learning culture, and at every school, you find teachers and students that love it.

Role Models & Solution Stories

bring global issues to life and boost students’ inner motivation to self-organize activities. Teachers, students, parents and adult volunteers can introduce them … as stories mixed into subject teaching … as presentations … as poster exhibits … on occasions like United Nations Theme Days …

Start with the FREE Story Set of 24 stories, 96 actions, videos and music and tips for use in class.

Swift relevant Activities

Most of our stories come with Action Guides with 4 immediate opportunities to make relevant changes, easy or advanced. 

Our popular Quickstart Actions swiftly get people involved, make great impact and generate vivid photos to share with YL, social and news media … leading to follow-up.

Your BOOST CLUB Hero*ine Posters are part of that.


Book hero*ine speakers or help them reach a milestone and score a video-meeting

  • as a highlight
  • for inspiration
  • for training

and to spark follow-up action, self-organized by students in school setting and beyond

Project Partners

for long-term collaboration to support their high impact initiatives are excellent multi-year programs for schools and student clubs to

  • bring in own creative ideas
  • see success unfold
  • experience agency
  • shape the future of entire regions
  • pay visits

Some of our Boost Club Hero*ines are available as long-term Project Partners.

It can lead to fired up students forming a


If 1 or 2 students per class join, it’s 20 to 100 at ordinary schools, an army!! equipped with tools, methods and partners to self-organize 400+ actions, with daily access to 100s of peers for 10+ years presence in media and public space.

Local Activities

can get amplified and diversified by certified 


non-/formally trained in Youth Leadership 101 and YOUTH-LEADER programs and member of the global YL Coaches Community with access to YL Master Coaches our many partners.

School Ground Action

Planting permaculture and dyeing gardens and a (especially) Community Fruit Tree Seedling Nursery of 200 to 1,000 pieces to gift to community members, plant along sidewalks, in parks, public spaces, along waterfronts, lakes, country roads, hiking trails and historic buildings … 

are great starters with tangible effect, beauty, easy to combine with subjects, appointing students as stewards and with rapid results and rewards, plus countless lively photos of happy people to get shared, generating immediate appreciation of youth-led projects and collaboration with diverse partners, the City, Key Professionals, entrepreneurs, other schools, kindergartens, seniors

Crash Courses

Give students a flying start with the #BeMoreAwesome Crash Course with 5 Phases building up on another.

Phase 1 is a must for everybody, Phase 2 a logical follow-up, the others are bonus for students fired up to make changemaking their (club) sport. They will share their knowhow with peers.

Action Days & Project Weeks

YL Coaches and course trained student leaders know 50 teen hero*ines with 200 missions with favorites for everybody and 100s more in other YL programs.

It is easy to create multifaceted activity- and impact oriented action days and weeks.


Missions include nature-oriented actions modeled on hero*ines’ initiatives, such as 

  • day- and overnight hikes
  • with vivid documentation
  • with historic, nature and tales themes
  • visiting learnspaces and learnscapes, magical coaches and more


Magical Coaches

  • teach skills that make life more awesome

but not every vegan chef, bee-keeper, permaculture farmer, kayaker or horserider is a good educator or loves youth and is loved by youth – but MAGICAL Coaches do. They are  

  • the “everybody’s favorite teacher” type of person

who always longed that youth learn their magical skill, worldview and world”feel”, and they are available in mornings, evenings, on week-ends and holidays – when youth leadership action happens.

Global SDG School Challenge

SDGs are en vogue and we ask to get serious and

  • live SDGs in Action
  • with relevant impact
  • with scope living up to the dimension of global crisis

and that is to take action with impact on all 17 SDGs based on students’ choice from 200 missions pioneered by their hero*ine peers, with additional challenges to win Bronze, Silver, Gold trophies, which makes a perfect multi-annual soft and holistic curriculum that

  • involves the whole school and greater community
  • introduces student-centered edu-action
  • boosts student club recognition

and will make beautiful waves.

West-East European School Project Partnership

To protect and create the Europe we love, we facilitate Pan-European collaboration like we did during the Cold War era for peace dialog … but now for SDGs, protecting cultural and natural heritage, restore wildlife migration trails, small social business, youth-led tourism, also for disconnected rural regions.

You see, you have plenty from short contributions to multi-faceted multi-year programs.

You need not do it all. But you shall be the one to seed the stories and flyers.
Everything else is bonus. GO!

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