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high impact solutions for all 17 SDGs

+ Missing SDG 18
Active Citizenship

activate Youth Leadership in Pilot Regions

Global SDG School Challenge, School & Town Fests



Do you feel that talking of sad data without giving students opportunity to make a relevant difference is incomplete?  

We help you bring SDGs to life with real cases, many causes and regions, 100+  milestones, fine role models that you can video-meet, develop projects with, also long-term, pay visits and more. Fired up students forming Changemaker Student Clubs have our support and global community.

We accompany you.

Mayors, Councillors, Organizations

Do you wish to inspire a Caring, Able, Active young generation and citizenry?

We help you bring SDGs to life with popular causes, spectacular stories, true hero*ines, excellent coaches + offer youth and citizens swift actions with rapid visible and felt impacts to experience can-do feeling that boosts confidence, appetite and ideas for more in response to local challenges.

We accompany you.

Journalists, Librarians

Would you like to involve your audiences and better achieve your professional aspirations?

We help you bring SDGs to life with success stories, hero*ine role models, quality media, fresh opportunities to add creative content and programs aligned with your focus interest.

We accompany you.

Here’s how “speaking SDG language” can win you precious allies to BOOST LOCAL youth leadership and allies to BOOST GLOBAL hero*ines.


The UNITED NATIONS’ Sustainable Development Goals – also known as SDGs or GLOBAL GOALS are an important asset for communicating positive change from 2021 to 2030.

YOUTH-LEADER offers worldclass solutions, role models, activities, coaches and partners that enable youth and their adult allies to change lives and land with high impact, to spark can-do feeling, motivation for more and tools and community for self-organized follow-up. Just think of schools with 100s of students in a well-organized space where this enriches learning culture, improves mental health, skill development, intergenerational collaboration and more.

As a BOOST CLUB member, you can

  • involve school classes and citizen groups in boosting hero*ines and thereby contribute to achieving an SDG in their region with rapid steps, for example:
    > Luwayo to end hunger
    > Red Brigade to end violence against girls
    > Bal Manch, John to deliver quality education
  • inform teachers, councillors, public libraries, active museums, community centres etc on our offers to LIVE THE SDGS IN ACTION

Your powers grow exponentially when you form a LOCAL UNIT or train as YL Coach. We are here to help.

The SDG angle is highly en vogue with many cities, funding programs, schools and organizations right now, but many citizens don’t have proper understand of

  • why SDGs exist, what they really do, why they matter
  • why they offer entirely new opportunity for active citizens and youth to gain support, reach and access
  • why SDGs … are lame at local level and why
  • how to help councillors and teachers better achieve their SDG aspirations

which is why we give you a brief overview, culminating in showing why YOU – tataaa – are an Angel to them. 

The SDGs are a holistic set of concrete goals with 231 sub goals (indicators) to tackle major development challenges. 

You see “classic development” to cover basic needs like ending hunger or poverty, as well as “novel sustainable development” issues like biodiversity, recycling and economic innovation.

You’ll agree that these are common sense goals to end unnecessary suffering and abominable bad governance, incompetence, misuse of our common wealth (tax money!) destruction of nature and peace which cause pollution or refugee streams that cause loss of peace to dozens of other nations in our connected world.

Goals can get tracked, so that national administration acts more responsibly and that inter/national partners have proof that governments take care of their responsibilities for a shared planet and a world in balance and harmony.


You’ll agree that much needs doing and that such goals – developed, agreed upon and monitored by 1,000s of stakeholders, including honorable civil society and able experts – publicly communciated – are part of positive change and a big improvement compared to opaque do as you please 20th Century governance dominated by dirty industry parties only.

The really good news is that – after earlier Millenium Development Goals – this time around the approach involves not only government administration but also

  • local administration
  • civil society
  • education
  • media

If you think about it, those 4 sectors reach many people and have an enormous lot of resources!

The big news is that

  • town councils
  • school principals

no longer see changemakers, social entrepreneurs and innovators as unpredictable troublemakers but

  • as experts
  • with years of experience

which is really good news for us and HERO*INES to work with cities, schools and news media.


They begin to recognize that these changemakers leading high impact projects (not protests), often people-powered, so that citizens can replicate them 

  • are honest, open, caring, 100% caring for people and the Land (not like political and business groups)
  • have a lot of volunteering power (affordable)
  • offer know-how for free (other than business)

are a very special, often the most precious partner to make really new steps to achieve their SDGs and not get embarassed for lack of own genius.

SDG Problem #1

is that like most grand programs the SDGs lack high quality implementation on the ground, because the vast majority of councillors, public servants, teachers and journalists are not genius changemakers with priorities and passion for positive change … or they would have acted like hero*ines for the past 20 years, or would have chosen a different profession and never distrusted and sabotaged changemakers.

In short, LACK OF HEART and SPIRIT. It’s boring.

SDG Problem #2

is that – as UN administration programs designed for government administrations are formulated in administrative language – boring. Further, as you take a good look at SDG communications, you see mostly old school development and stock photos bought from some online agencies. Like dull adverts.

As a citizen you don’t know what your role ist, you don’t really feel involved. Because you’re not involved. The UN mindset is still that government and NGOs fix things.

That’s because the UN administration, and most NGOs, have no clue of “the power of one”, of creative active citizenship and dynamic social enterprise.

All they know of youth is that in very few countries a few youth occasionally protest – scream at government to better protect them and pay someone to fix things. Or that some youth up plastic.

They do not even know Youth Leadership.

“(training) young people as agents of change in their communities” which means in practice TO DO HIGH IMPACT PROJECTS THAT CHANGE LIVES, LAND, LEARNING, LAWS AND INDUSTRIES without waiting for millions, experts or permission.

In short, we embody The Missing SDG 18 – Active Citizenship – and its crown jewel SDG 8.1 Youth Leadership!


City councils and teachers are well aware that what they have is not enough.

They see prosperity, peace and democracy fall apart. 

  • They need citizens to become active guardians co-creating the city they love and protect the Land that sustains them.
  • They need the young generation to be a caring, able and active segment of society.

And to-date they lack ways, tools, methodology, coaches and partners to INSPIRE youth and schools, and to enable free self-organization with relevant high quality results.

We bring the Solution. YOU bring the Solution.

You bring

  • high impact model solutions for common global issues
  • finest hero*ine role models – 80% of human behavior is shaped by role models
  • richly illustrated success stories – to reach people, inspire, give a feel of action, be memorable
  • wide scope of topics, regions, characters, activities – with favorites for everybody
  • immediate action opportunities
  • diverse milestones, small and easy, epic challenges – with favorites for everybody
  • tips and tricks to amplify reach, community, impact and FUN
  • get their activities published in YL Magazine – by casually practicing positive change media culture
  • rapid results and vivid documentation – closing the energy loop to donors with sense of agency, will FOR MORE
  • opportunity to self-organize MORE
  • access to multi-award winning coaches and speakers
  • access to global like-hearted community

No one offers this but us at the BOOST CLUB. And now you have it. Wow. Mighty you

How to use the SDG angle for LOCAL BOOSTING

Most people in town have no clue of SDGs. It’s a small and special scene. You find them among what we call KEY PROFESSIONALS who share our core purpose to enable Able Active Caring Citizens:

  • teachers
  • public librarians
  • journalists
  • city councillors
  • civil society

Do a brief research on WHO IS IN CHARGE OF SDGs in your town’s or region’s or state’s ADMINISTRATION. Find out how committed they are. It differs from country to country and city to city. If you find the FEW – who are always underfunded and would love to achieve more and are happy about every ally that has Heart, genius ideas, potentials, especially for youth and education – you have a precious ally whose status “logo”, relations and resources can help you boost reach a lot!

Ask them about who is showing commitment for SDGs in education or media or youth. They should know some from meetings.

After your first actions, inform them on what happened, preferably with photos of happy people in action and impact. Gradually, they will have you on their list of SDG PEOPLE TO INVITE for events, for ideas, for consultation, even for partnerships … and this can lead to funding for project days or weeks at schools, youth exchanges, a local YL Magazine issue etc. That’s very fun to do!

So, what will you do with your new magic wand?

We have a planet to save and it is time to help the SDG scene #bemoreawesome

Use this wave. It rolls until 2030!

Get your flyers, up your knowledge and get doing. We have a planet to save and local youth leadership to activate!

God gave you a Heart, two arms and legs for a reason and put you in that place for a reason. #bemoreawesome


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