Help realize a 6 week training in a space of extreme sexual violence


enable MAGICAL music and film nights, video-meetings and trainings where youth have NO books, tv, radio, internet, phones, computer, library and girls can’t attend school.

FREE Training

Red Brigade offers the training for free but we DO have costs.

Refreshments and snacks

for the attending girls to feel GOOD and VALUED … consider that this camp suffers from malnutrition! Hence, helping the girls protect their Paradise in a setting of Hellish violence means nurturing their Paradise feelings with some goodies. These goodies are very HUMBLE BISCUITS AND MILK. 

12 sessions, 30 girls means 360 units and the cost is $250. Keep in mind that refugee camps in a pandemic are are expensive places. This is good value.

1 Projector

The training cannot be held with 1 PHONE SCREEN for 30 girls.

Projectors start at $400 in 800km distant Nairobi and can get put on the bus to Kakuma.

This projector will be GOLD for the team’s FUTURE and enable countless precious learning, empowerrment and project initiatives

in a place of zero tv, radio, internet, books and for girls not even school since parents don’t permit attendance, it will be MAGICAL to have

  • music video shows
  • movie evenings
  • video-meetings with you and us
  • for trainings
  • with coaches and world experts
  • with project partners
  • with schools

They have free internet at their centre now, no need t pay for traffic for the time being, so this projector will be an amazing door to the world!

Fact is, for now they will operate it with a phone… $400€ more for a laptop will of course improve the experience … also in terms of BATTERY.

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