Common, easy, precious BUT … you really have to use it and this means to behave like a SUPERFAN!

  • like posts on Boost Club page social media
  • share Boost Club posts on hero*ines + progress updates + milestones
  • + add your short comment with personal passion

and get active

  • actively use our DIGITAL TOOLS : ads, action calls, photos, videos, products (books, calendars…), program flyers …
  • make posts on what you do
  • send us photos on what you do, for us to use in YL social media and Magazine

Show what you are doing.

What you do is rare. What you consider evident is rare.

After all, you haven’t changed lives and land like you do now. 

How many active citizen stories have you ever read or seen IN YOUR REGION and your regional NEWS? Very few, if any.

YOU ARE such a story.

Journalists and audiences will enjoy it. Audiences include teachers, parents, allies, donors that will love to KNOW of you. It will inspire them, warm their heart, enrich their lives, empower them to live their values. > Do like teen hero*ines do. #bemoreawesome


DO NOT PLAY TIMID. That time is over.

  • Refusing to take photos,
  • refusing to smile into the camera
  • refusing to speak to media and the citizenry

means to fail your purpose in life in this century.

If you feel uncomfortable about doing media work, then THIS is your time to #bemoreawesome and get to work and step outside your comfort zone like those hero*ines you support (in hyper dangerous regions) and like teenagers do. It is ridiculously simple. 

Your Grand Photo Course

Look at our hero*ines’ profiles and you understand all you have to do is this.

FROM START TO END, including tea breaks

Planning, mobilizing, conversations

This is much of your work and it’s work. It’s cool, it’s not boring. It’s inspired conversation, non-formal, pleasant, among friends, no need for ties, experts, offices, board meetings. It shows others what to do: mobilize your friends.

Use for your Call To Action, showing you’re not waiting but already active, the adventure is on!

1st photo wave to share on social and news media.


Doing the work

The practical stuff, it’s not boring, it takes some hours, gift your lifetime, that’s hero stuff. SHOW PEOPLE WHAT TO DO, they can do that.

The chapter unfolds and success is building up.

Calls people to contribute and add to the mountain to achieve the milestone.

2nd photo wave to share on social and news media.


Include dynamic photos from the receiving end, the GOAL is achieved. Our hero*ines are seletced because they do vividly document. This closes the energy circle that rewards people’s generosity, enriches their life, this loop becomes endless as they decide to create more such moments, gives a feeling “okay, what next?”

3rd photo wave to share on social and news media.


The quest is completed, we honor our local hero*ines. Now the STORY is complete. Closing it with this epilog is mighty important … to not feel powerless in an ocean of needs, not feel bound to continue or guilty to not help more. There’s many other things to do. It’s like INHALING & EXHALING. ready for the next inhale and EFFORT. Off to the next cause, next milestone, leading to the next season / the next story,

These photos give opportunity for a 4th photo wave to share on social and news media.

Good lighting

Not in the shadow. Not into the sun. Not too greyish indoors. No flash. Simple. You can remember these 4 guidelines.


No boring passport photos or staged portraits like used by boring mass media. Tell a story like a documentary with key scenes; view teen hero*ine examples ABOVE.


No need to see shoes or clouds. Seriously. Chest upwards. And hands packing parcels, filling lemonaid glasses, handing out best brownies and munching them.

Clear sound

in case of video recordings. Avoid music, babies, street noise. Easy. Be close enough with the mic, like 1 meter. Fine.

Your Grand Video Course

You’re the one taking action. That means you’re the best in town.


Speak your Heart

Detached journalism mobilizes no one. Put authentic feeling into it. No need to rehearse. Many teens you hear of are experienced. You may be freah, raw, somewhat insecure. That’s okay and perfect for OTHER newcomers. They see that insecure newbies can step up.

You speak to friends

… lovely people like you!

No need to be shy or afraid.

1 person or 10% need to hear exactly your message

The others do not matter AT ALL.

They are irrelevant. You care not what they think about you.

That one person needs to hear it precisely the way how you are right now.

Your SOCIAL MEDIA STREAM  serves Journalists

it’s where they see your story, the chapters, photos to use … at one glance.

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