Many places serve to evolve youth leadership, to connect with youth, to connect with the public, to find help, to work together, to learn skills, to make experiences, to implement solutions. For example, you can plant dyeing and edible landscapes in parks, at waterfronts, you can make exhibits in family cafes, from organic bakers you can gain free breads for workshop days and you can learn yummy treats from vegan chefs, acro yoga and juggling coaches.

Then, of course, nice cafes serve as outer school Headquarters for group meetings. Mighty important.

You can EQUIP YOURSELF by mapping and activating allies all over the city and region.


meetings, place mats, flyers, displays, exhibits, philanthro-parties


presentations, exhibits, workshops, action days, student clubs, SDGs, school fests

Libraries & Living Museums

hero*ines exhibits, workshops, SDGs, UN Days, LearnSpaces

Public Services

Fire fighters, hospitals, zoos, Public Services Fest, posters and videos on tram and subway tv

Farmers Markets

lemonaid and bakesale stands, FUNdraisers, sell free harvests, homemade jams

Flea Markets

Like farmers markets with more creative liberty to clown around, do walk acts, involve people in surveys etc

Town Fests

stands, walk-acts, activities, gameful milestones, donation based game parcours and raffles


Edible landscapes, exhibits, fests, dyeing gardens, workshops, playfest for kids, surveys, flyers to parents

Horse Ranches

score free riding days and trainings for youth teams and underpriviledged kids, travel with animal trips

National Parks

trips, awe, epic photos, walk with rangers, help out as volunteers

Animal Shelters

volunteer, play, gift … many dogs and cats lack cuddling, play, soultime

Homeless Shelters

donations, conversations = treatment as full human being, interviews, creative play sessions for kids, invite as speakers


present, build edible gardens, sevengardens workshop, involve


present on hero*ines, conversation on dreams, healing, needs, ideas, activities, excursions, connect with schools, set up team, internet collaboration


epic moments, photo- and videoshoots


Learn tricks for better photos, light, portrait, landscapes, groups, dynamics + take epic Quidditch team photos

Magical Coaches Spaces

many have spaces where they welcome people and where one can help out, for example clay builders, permaculture farmers, bee-keepers …


diverse … like ancient water mills to chateaus, factories, museums, eco-villages


Natural places of special spirit … visit, explore, interact, document, stay overnight, enrich

Participation Spaces

LearnSpaces where you no not just passively receive info, but where you can make relevant contributions. THEY ARE RARE. We need more.

Sport stadiums, fun places, smitheries, organic bakeries … there’s many, many places where you can find Magical Coaches, Allies, go on excursions or do projects.


through the eyes of a changemaker and youth leadership coach.

Your place may not be New York City – but for sure there’s many places and people to map in your region

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