MEET CHANGEMAKERS *LIVE* for an extraordinary experience … with options to take action, support and join their adventures! As a BOOSTer, also think of who else in town LOVES and BENEFITS from hero*ine speakers:


love role models, to bring global issues to life, live SDGs in action, inspire student clubs


love to add purpose to the workplace, positive spirit, team work, volunteering


love to inspire with positive spirit, the special, involve attendees 


love to inspire youth leadership, active citizenship, positive ambience and news

Makes sense? If you live in those spheres, use it
& inform friends and allies in those fields

highly recommended!

Imagine that your school class was to meet Gandhi. Expecting him to give a PPT talk on his life would be a waste of time. Instead, your students would study his life story, cause, discuss, digest and dream up burning questions. So, use their profile with story, images, videos and action guides.

Have an open conversation: what touches you most, what would you love to happen? What do you wish to know? Would you like consultation on your local challenges? Would you love to team up? Will you take steps of action, make the hero*ine a surprise gift? You can use these questions. You will see that others emerge naturally by your group’s interest.

This preparation saves us the powerpoint stuff and one way talk.
We can have a conversation with your group being involved!
This is much more fun, meaningful and of educational value!

Use the Occasion !

Inform, inspire and involve local schools and news media. You have a good story to tell! Invite them to join your efforts to reach milestones and join the meeting!

* This can be a great moment to grow your team and movement *


hero*ines for a casual 45+ minute conversation. 
Consider: the experience is much longer – with prep and follow-up. 

* swift and simple *

Meet in your space

Invite one of us to your school, company, city or event, with more time. 
Tip: combine it with an event, UN Peace Week, school or town fest … 

* maximum inspiration + options for workshops *

+ Casual, vivid Documentation
highly recommended!

You become part of an amazing story, have interesting anecdotes to share, plans to announce, action calls for people to join your endeavour. Offer to speak at schools and present your initiative! 

Take vivid photos, record testimonials, be shamelessly idealist and create inspirational articles like your hero*ines do. It’s a great exercise in positive news, public speaking, leadership … all packed around our meeting! 

* Great for school / company newsletter + social + local news media *

This encounter can form a bond,
spark ideas, plans, teams and new quests!

Youth can FOLLOW UP

Form an informal Friends Crew of formal Changemaker Student Club, wield our Magic Tricks to unleash school students’ superpowers. They’re massive, and it comes with rich benefits for learning culture. In fact, YOUTH-LEADER offers a year-round youth leadership training program for youth age 8 to 18 that your youth can join, with over 400 missions, changemakers, coaches, badges, summer camps. Pure epic.

Adults can FOLLOW UP

Task staff and trainees with missions … involve followers, audiences, customers in reaching milestones. Pay visits, live dreams!

We can also arrange bigger encounters

Action Days, Weeks, Spring of Sustainability …

Call in YL Coaches for more than a speech or conversation.

We can enrich your days and weeks with workshops, activities, campaigns, presentations … and bring stories, exhibits, films and music on today’s finest teen hero*ine role models … to awaken youth to their generation’s powers … also in cooperation with us 🙂

‘ Living SDGs in Action ‘ Roadshow

Call a group of Hero*ines + YL Coaches into town for 1 WEEK to reside in a space styled as Youth Leadership LearnSpace with hero*ine posters, music, films, flair of beauty and adventure …

  • from 9 in the morning to 9 in the evening
  • receive school classes + citizens for workshops
  • take action to reach milestones
  • plan follow-up activities

Where do you get this? ONLY HERE 🙂

What region inspires you?

  • What topics are you passionate about?
  • Where do you wish to see change?
  • Where might (some of) you like to travel?

Pick your speakers accordingly!


The world’s youngest headmaster who founded a school at age 9 and invites you to meet his students and learn together


Our founder with plenty of stories on hero*ines, youth leadership, how to activate your life, school, city and YL’s tools, tricks and partners for you


India’s famous self-defense trainers that trained 50,000 girls, launched many social neighborhood programs, build an academy – and call on you to join!


Genius initiator of a youth leadership centre in the world’s largest Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, with plenty of programs connected with global experts and schools. A world-premiere that we want to grow and replicate in other camps – with you


Gentle force of nature following her Heart’s dreams of crossing Germany on horseback as an initiation into adulthood, sacred femininity, archaic living – a magnificent coach for 50% of girls (and boys?) with the same dream


Teacher turned founder of a school, a community training centre and Africa’s 1st Quidditch league … growing his realm into a Experiential Learning Centre – with you


10 green thumbs he must have as he turned what he bought as “a dry piece of land good for nothing” into a thriving Permaculture Paradise family farm food forest with 200 crops training 100s of lead farmers to quickly end hunger in “the world’s 5th poorest country”


100% Fair Fashion with her Indian friends in direct trade from organic cootn field to plant sourced colors, street stampmakers, tiny tailor families – a dream come true for Fair Fashion Student Clubs at the world’s schools


Kid nature nut turned teen film maker and bushcrafter, Abbie crisscrosses Britain’s historic trails, shares her tales on her youtube channel and calls all of us to get out and Spend more Time In The Wild – it’s good for mental health

The “everybody’s favorite teacher” type of hero*ines

and YOU can join their ADVENTURES!

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