Tailor Trainings

One of the most useful and common basic professional skills for making a small independent income is to be a TAILOR. 

Red Brigade crew are full-time volunteers as early teens and as they grow up to become twens, parents begin to get nervous about their future, speak of arranged marriages etc, so one focus for Red Brigade has long been to find ways for crew members to continue their work wile earning incomes on the side.

they do have a tailor trauning workshop and seek to grow it in the Academy building and WE SEEK TO HELP THEM build this 

  • connecting with Kalima Design Germany, who do 100% pure organic cotton fashion, even with colors sourced from plants and is on fire to work with them and with Fair Fashion student clubs
  • connecting with schools in Western Europe and North America where many many girls have a passion for fashion but wish to do it in planet- and people-friendly ways 

and this is a perfect story, force and partner for school uniforms, tunikas, rucksacks and more – designed together!

We look forward to it.

If this speaks to you, please get in touch!

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