You feel inspired by hero*ines’ stories and films. That’s not because of texts, passport photos or peops standing like stiff puppets in front of school walls.


Tell every step and chapter of the story.

Posts with a few lines are enough. It takes 30 seconds.

Posts with a few lines are enough.

It takes 1 minute to take and upload the photo.

This steady stream of uplifting impressions ...

inspires people, keeps them involved, equips them to inspire others, educates and feeds journalists, gives donors authentic feeling of being part of something greater …

This is important, since you live it every day, THEY only feel part when YOU connect to them!

It’s simple. It’s fun.

It makes the difference between 10 pennies or generating 10,000s,
a movement, fireworks of action and a new society. Don’t dare do less.

Don’t just show the problem or the finish moment.

View our tips for GOOD PHOTOS and for GOOD VIDEOS. 

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