COACHES ARE LOCAL “VOLUNTEERS” and “AMBASSADORS” able to wield all YL Resources and Programs and with access to our global community of coaches and project partners.

The set of skills and knowledge can get acquired in a couple of days. Or at your own pace.

It is precisely like acquiring a new sport. No big deal!

YL COACH is a very powerful role.

Most people don’t even know of teen hero*ines and high impact youth leadership. You will know a looot, and you’ll have countless stellar stories, action-able teaching tools, coaches, project partners, world-premiere magazine, badges, youth exchange and voluntravel destinations… wheeewww! In fact, this makes you the by far most resourceful Youth Leadership person in your state or country. True thing! We say – if you want to see positive change in your region and don’t yet have teen hero*ines in town and Changemaker Student Clubs at all schools, drop what you’ve been doing and skill up to make this happen. Without these, no relevant positive change is possible. With youth leaders en masse, everything changes!  

We provide diverse forms of self- training, online training and formal group training to nurture the knowledge and skills in you. AND we provide follow-up practice, coaching, community and teams to play with. 

YL Coaches (self-) train in 6 Phases of Inspiration (with immediate action) / Stepping into Action with YL 101 / Positive Music and Media / Activate Your City / High Impact Starter Actions

  • able to guide youth or adult groups through these 6 Phases as a CRASH COURSE, action day / week etc.
  • equipped with a range of digital media, discounted access to print media packs and tips for local funding

They get certified as YL Coach, with

  • YL LearnPlanet Map Marker
  • an announcement / article
  • with YOUTH-LEADER partner status with RCE-RUHR, UN UNIVERSITY, with UNESCO’s initiative for Education for Sustainable Development ESD and programs to Live the SDGs in Action

YL Coaches

have access to

  • the Global YL Coaches Community on patreon
  • personal coaching from YL Master Coaches

and can evolve

  • YL LearnPlanet Map
  • YL LearnSpaces
  • YL Pilot Regions
  • Local YL Magazine Issues

and more.

YL Master Coaches

with advanced experience can 

  • give teacher trainings
  • run Activate Your City campaigns
  • mentor YL School Of Excellence programs
  • oversee National YL Magazine issues
  • add YL Project Partners
  • add YL Program Partners

and more.

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