basically just tell people about young hero*ines using poster sets, films and music, combined with true love, passion, vision, knowledge of teen’s inborn powers, knowledge of stories and their own anecdotes experienced on the trail of adventures. It’s simple, but … just like one needs to immerse oneself in one or more full Harry Poter movies, one needs to experience the real Hogwarts, its fantasic beasts and learn to flick magic wands.

Knowledgible of truly useful solutions

powered by youth and people, at school, home, work … to make rapid impact on changing lives and land, learning, laws and industries like today’s hero*ines do. 

Trained in Youth Leadership, YL programs, methods, partners

able to inspire, involve and help everybody with diverse action opportunities, able to improvise, freestyle and find more via YL Staff.

Young people’s best friend

through precisely this combination coupled with fierce love and passion to evoke enormous changes born from awareness that WE HAVE A PLANET TO SAVE #speedrun style without distract or delay.

Connected with the YL Tribe

uniting newbies, youth teams, citizens, professionals, coaches, world experts and badass hero*ines

via patreon, social media, video meetings and meetings.

That’s quite a life unlike anyone lived in human history before. Could you work and meet with Gandhi or Jeanne d’Arc back then? 

You can gain YL Coach skills and status

in a few days or weeks by getting to know a mix of stories, video clips, music songs, with explanations of behind the scenes facts and figures, methods, big picture context, mixed with your own experiences of what did and didn’t, what does and doesn’t work at school, in town and what makes high impact youth leadership with focus on TANGIBLE SOLUTIONS, that is projects not protests, so different and gets wide support, enriches learning culture at schools etc etc., plus stepping from inspiration to action, locating local problems and potentials, sketching campaigns based on copying teen hero*ines’ model initiatives to your town and region, and finally taking some swift local and online actions with tangible results – yay!   

Non-formal Online Group Training

over some weeks

Formal Local Group Training

over 3 days

Informal Self-Learning

using online or print resources

Unless there’s dozens of badass teen hero*ines and changemaker student clubs at all schools in town changing lives and land at record pace – YOU DO THIS, NOW,

because otherwise you continue to fail your mission of activating the Change Generation to create the next level GOOD society,

Forget all those doing blahblah advocacy, waiting for national government to pay someone to fix things. If you have a brain, you have the cognitive skills to realize from the observance of the past 70 and the past 7 years that that 20th Century type procedure is officially over.

Now it’s about having COURAGE to be TRUE to yourself and to affirm that no one’s going to save the kids, your dreams and life on Earth unless you learn today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores’ solutions like you learn the world’s best eye shade and gaming moves from youtube – and wield them locally.

TAKE HEART! We haven’t come here to fail! MamaPapa Divine have perfectly prepared us to rock this passage of evolution while the dirty industry civilization shijt goes down the loo of history. And it’s gonna be blissful!

Now mount your horse and #bemoreawesome, because at last, the solutions to living your sacred values are in your hands.

Eric, YL Captain

  • Images & Voices of Hope IVOH Award
  • National Round Table for the Implementation of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development DESD, UNESCO
  • Pacesetter, re:imagine learning Challenge, Ashoka Changemakers


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