YL LearnSpace Contents complete and boxed

This was a big effort, since we only want to provide truly complete and empowering tools for self-organization and plenty of imagination and positive surprise.

  • The 1,000 piece crash course
  • 50 piece poster set on young hero*ines
  • 50 piece poster set on youth leadership essentials
  • 25 XXL Ambience Posters (equals 850 photos, each with its own story)
  • books, workbooks, cardgames
  • brochures, flyers

and it keeps growing.

Truly, we can be happy with this for now, and curious determined people can discover and learn and do an incredible lot without ever talking to us.

Those who are impatient can get coaching via zoom to start with flying banners and be sure they are doing the right thing.

No one can do anything wrong with this, but newbies have many insecurities, hence we are happy to help.

Oh, being able to design and order our custom BOXES truly rounds everything off. It makes a world of difference whether you have all that circus of paper and transparent bags on one heap or in a box.

Get your pack and gift some to community organizers in crisis regions. You can start with ours in Africa and India.

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