YL Magazine Africa – wow, this is exciting!

As we launch Global YL Magazine, we already have epic stories from Africa

  • the Quidditch Team
  • the refugee camp crew
  • Africa’s simple solution for food, peace and abundance and vibrant community and family life

fit for digital and print isue #1

and many more coming from our partners in 4 countries with La Fondation Aicha and others.

There is NO publication of this scope, fun, quality, educational value and action opportunities on the entire continent.

It’s going to win a whole lot of fans, allies and users in Africa and beyond, especially among youth and SCHOOLS.

It’s also a unique opportunity for passionate young writers

  • to write on relevant stuff
  • to learn positive change media culture
  • to gain reference for their CV

And that’s going to drive a lot of attention, fans, users, contributers and supporters to YL Global also.

Spread the word and take part!

Imagine this for Africa:

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