YL Program Partner

People, groups, organizations or institutions that seek to activate youth leadership in their region using our media, methods, activities and coaching can become certified YL Program Partner. It strengthens our bond, visibility in YL media, magazine, programs, YL Tribe community, YL LearnPlanet Map … and status  in the YL Community of changemakers and schools > they know that this partner nurtures High Impact Youth Leadership as a priority in their diverse activities, and this makes them potentially great allies, speakers, coaches, partners, places to visit


Program partners use the 5 Essentials

  1. role models
  2. changemaker student clubs
  3. project partners
  4. LearnSpaces
  5. coaches

to create an enabling environment for youth leadership, so that youth get inspiration, equipment and support on demand to SELF-ORGANIZE ACTIVITIES changing lives and land like their hero*ine peers do, at school and beyond.

Project Partners can be

  • citizens
  • youth groups
  • civil society organization
  • school 

using YL media and methods to make youth leadership omni-present in their community, in their own space, at schools, in public, media and online.


  • Pilot Region Northern Germany
  • Bal Manch, India – street children education and rights
  • Red Brigade Trust, India – self-defense for girls, education, social activism
  • Rural Teachers Association, Uganda – student- and project-oriented learning culture, social justice, human rights
  • Kakuma Refugee Camp Girls Club, Kenya – end violence against girls, life skills, small business, global school partnerships


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