YL Summer Camps

unite youth participating in YL Programs for life changing experiences
with like-hearted youth immersed in majestic nature to discover the planet and protect the planet.

As youth teams get activated 

  • and share their stories on YL media
  • have video-meetings with other crews
  • work on mission with youth across their city, country and Europe
  • also in context of school student clubs, programs and exchanges

when summer break comes, they will want to meet up with their warrior friends, and you’ll be happy to know we have that covered!

Amazing nature

so no one thinks they have to spend time going clubbing or shopping

Healthy humans

in laid back setting for many youth from “hyper active cities” to experience what humans can be like

Lots to discover

culture, architecture, horse drawn carriages, coptic churches, cakes, cheeses …

Wild stories

from people that live in societies without overregulation … who still take responsibility for their own health … with as true sense of humor

Magical Coaches

learning stuff that makes life more awesome

Bring own stories, causes

to inspire, find allies, knowhow. and to heal

Learn YL Tricks & dream up new

to boost their performance

Plan campaigns

to take on together once back home

We will have an amazing time together.

You can co-host and co-create camps.

Get going!

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