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YL EUROPE. Headquartered in Europe, we care a lot about activating youth leadership in Europe. This means we tour Europe, activate schools, map allies and train citizens as YL Coaches who develop Pilot Regions using our methodology. As we set out to create the Europe we love – because the past and current Europe isn’t it, yet – one aspect being the suboptimal difference in economic prosperity, infrastructure, culture and nature between Western and Eastern Europe. A great asset in this context is West-East school collaboration, like in the Cold War era for peace dialog, but now for SDGs, to protect and restore natural and cultural heritage, our little known Rockies, Alaska and Amazonia (that are under grave threat), social business and youth-led tourism. And as Changemaker Student Clubs and Warrior Clans emerge at schools all over the continent – who want to live every teen hero*ine’s dream to meet like-hearted youth during summer break – we also organize YL Summer Camps.

We tour Europe to accelerate activation of youth leadership

by mapping spaces and allies, doing workshops, exhibits, trainings
> with a multi-faceted program for many people

You can help us and you can benefit from our presence for good things that you wish to see happen.


Invite us

to your region to help activate youth leadership

Host a YL Master Coach

for 4 to 12 weeks to scout your region in private room, lodge, hos/tel, campervan, trailer or even a tent or treehouse

Book us

to activate your city and region in 4 ro 12 weeks, and facilitate meetings with diverse potential allies you know

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