Youth Exchange

Another existing societal structure that we use to ADD-ON Youth Leadership to take it to an entirely different level … beyond lukewarm sightseeing and shopping with very short and shallow experiences at high cost, effort and travel emissions. Youth exchanges as HIGHLIGHT of multi-year youth-led project partnerships to change lives and land > add passion, purpose, pre-exchange planning and post-exchange follow-up that make a far richer learning experience, and eventual flight emissions are worthy of this initiation into experiencing Life on this Living Planet.

Simple steps on both sides

  • Crash Courses with youth groups or school classes
  • Quickstart Actions
  • vividly document
  • share with the other group … and with social, news, YL media
  • video-meet, celebrate, converse on experiences, ideas, common aspirations, make plans
    … formal in group setting
    … informal youth driven via social media and video-meets like Fridays For Future youth do
  • agree on and pursue activities
  • dream up one or more common missions and milestones
  • work towards them, mobilize the citizenry

with many benefits for life, school, community and the Land beyond merry 1950s youth travel

DESIGN exchange visits with Purpose

  • to boost mission and milestones
  • with amazing experiences with Magical Coaches learning things that make life more awesome
  • to bond with friends and allies
  • to experience their lifestyle, love and challenges
  • to create vibrant present in schools and public spaces that BOOST LOCAL RECOGNITION
  • to leave visible traces in the host community
  • and more

What an Adventure!

Youth will once again want to be part, like back in the 1920 when international travel was special


The new divine standard for Youth Exchanges

  • mayors, principals, parents and funders are proud of it
  • align with ESD, SDGs
  • unlock FUNDING for travel and activities
  • make waves in media 
  • inspire others via educational, ESd, SDG etc media and newsletters etc to do such PROJECT-ORIENTED YOUTH EXCHANGES


One single person can initiate this.

By handing a flyer to caring teachers, or the parent council … 

“Students can video-meet hero*ines, create positive news music and magazines, form changemaker student clubs, do Philanthro-Party school and town fests, involve you parents and teachers … also do project-oriented youth exchanges with hero partners in Africa and India. Have a look. I am here to help.”

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