You don’t need all this information when getting started.
You will find it to be useful once youth get activated.


are of course the core of Youth Leadership and sparking them is our goal,since our work is about YOUTH LEADERSHIP and Adult Allies have roles to support and initiate youth-led action by informing local youth about their generation’s hero*ines and to inspire and equip them to wield their new powers. So, it’s a bit like the egg and the chicken, what was there first? We don’t know. While the egg is cosmic master of potentials, the lively chicken gets more of our attention and comes in many colors. Learn a little more about the birds unfolding their wings.

If you seek to boost local youth leadership,

you will experience individual youth, student clubs and groups of youth that organize like an organization or wildfire sports crew.

While youth of course have FUNdraising superpowers to boost hero*ines, their scope of action, passion and potentials is much bigger than that of adults. Youth do not only raise funds but they also do projects of all sorts.

Youth are different Changemakers than adults

They have more time, daily access to 100s at school, many superpowers in their relation with media, supporters and city and THEY LIVE DIFFERENT ROLES PERTAINING TO THEIR PERSONALITY TYPE. It sounds complicated but is common sense. There are …

You will find all these types in our FREE Story Sets for you to inspire yourself and others with 96 missions to start with.

We serve all these types with hero*ines, missions, roles and coaching, and we unite them for collaboration in youth teams to combine their powers for year-round fireworks of action making unprecedented impact.

To nurture the full scope HIGH IMPACT Youth Leadership

in your region, it is extremely important for you to be well conscious of all these types … so that you

  • detect young hero*ine powers in the silent doers
  • do not estrange gentle souls 

and go beyond the common inefficient blabla limited to eloquent speeches reiterating adult demands to national government to pay someone to fix things so youth can sit idle like outdated 1980s voters.

The idea of education is not to turn us into your kind of adults.

But into better adults than you have been.

Adora Svitak, 13

Adults can help with that

by seeding hero*ine stories and helping on demand. They can take advanced action as YL Coach.

Youth can join the BOOST CLUB

but to best serve them, we have a different platform for youth only.


is a youth leadership program, platform and community for youth to take action in real-time collaboration with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores. On this youth platform …

We keep out malicious adults

which is a necessity in today’s insane society

We can be more wild, fun and silly with youth

and play change like an epic adventure game, with missions, badges, ranks for CVs

We communicate in youth style

informal, rapid and 24/7

Youth can live Changemaking AS A SPORT

at their chosen pace.

Friends Crews

act casually on their fave causes

Student Clubs

act regularly, activate peers, team up with teachers and unfold the enormous powers of school communities

Warrior Clans

make changemaking their full-time sport like athletes with 3 monthly missions

Yes, an Adventure is ahead. Also for you.

Start simple. See it unfold. Enjoy each step of your unique journey. Go!

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