Yes, we AND YOU have our own magazine, how cool!

That’s because we have so many stories to tell, and because brief online viewing is not enough to be memorable, to read deep, to see beauty and dozens of stories and shining spirit neatly bundled up with biiiig photographs and posters, interactive QR codes and action guides … to read together, to gift to kids and youth, to use in class, to have copies on reading tables in canteens, family cafes and to hand to mayors to discover

  • the power of youth
  • people-powered solutions
  • action opportunities
  • tools and tricks
  • Change Generation music
  • follow unfolding adventures
  • see one’s own impact
  • contribute one’s own stories
  • learn on YL programs in action

It is the first ACTION MAGAZINE on the planet,

  • for youth, adults and education
  • designed for and with hero*ines
  • directly benefitting their work

and you’ll feel part since you know the hero*ines.

You can even co-create it

  • as online volunteer
  • and launch Local Issues

Get a taste here!

Come on over, sign up and take part in making it most epic it can be.

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