Town Fests

1,000s of people, stands … that’s where we wanna be. And get attention. And bliss the people.


  • The stage is set. Funds are available. Entertainment is expected.
  • 10,000 people > and your stand is the most exotic with merry youth and adults. Costumes?
  • There is cash flow, more than at pocket money school fests.
  • There is much more eating and drinking than at school fests, and it is low quality. Unusual homemade yummy treats + served in uplifting ambience + with purpose = stand out must-have!
  • They are 2 to 7 days long, which offers opportunity to do more
  • They stretch into evenings with music and alchohol-fueled high life. “Hey-ho, PIRATES, let’s kick that milestone!”
  • They are also extremely boring for children and youth. And for many adults.
  • This lack of spirit is also felt by councillors. Why do this thing? It’s no longer 1830s peasant fairs.
  • It is also felt by teachers … the multipliers with access to 100s of youth. Oh, but opportunity to make them more awesome – THROUGH STUDENTS OF SCHOOL XY – that’s interesting!

This is perfect opportunity

  • to get students on stage
  • to add youthful spirit
  • to attract 100s of people to this vibrant space
  • and channel them to the hottest add-on location
  • for the best exciting 2 hours they spend there
  • to call out high goals and reach exciting milestones
  • to invite people via newspaper and radio to join the adventure
  • to amass a mountain of books, games, LEGO, growing over time and well visible by 1,000s
  • to invite people for kick-off stage, in-between and final celebration with raffle and prizes for donors
  • generating 100s of colorful photos for diverse use through the year

Are you on fire or what? Stop being boring. Start being awesome. Now you got plenty of tools.

SDG Town Fests

SDGs: UNITED NATIONS Sustainable Development Goals. 17 Goals from ending hunger to ending violence against girls are en vogue and in many places get much support from municipality, education and media.

Our Global SDG School Challenge that challenges schools to take efforts living up to the scale of the crisis and take action with tangible impact on all 17 SDGs with students’ choice from 200+ missions of their hero*ine peers, plus additional and avanced missions to gain Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies, badges for students and more.

THIS of course can be a frame for an adventure kicked off BY an SDG Town Fest.

You can mention the option of SDG Town Fests

  • to teachers and councillors in your first or early encounters
  • to youth and parents

With a little experience, you’ll know your many

  • action opportunities, causes and hero*ines
  • tools, exhibits, videos, music
  • creative activities

to put together a multi-faceted fest, co-created by many students, also as focus teams.

BEST THING IS : You need not create the FEST. All its basics ARE ALREADY DONE. You add the magic add-ons.

We will create a flyer for it.

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